Alone but not lonely

God bless me.

I’m sitting in church. My children left for children’s church. I’m completely alone. I am the only one in the pugh. And I’m ever so comfortable. And it’s all because of God and His love for me. I used to have such anxiety because I had a spouse that was miserable to be there. Then it turned into I didn’t have a spouse to hold my hand. How beautiful God is to calm my soul.

God has worked a miracle in my life. I sing the songs to praise His love loud and proud. I sway back and forth. I smile and tap to the beat. I don’t feel an emmense pain in my chest. I feel a glow of God. It beams off me.

God is so good to me.

God has loved me when I am unlovable.

God is working on me daily!!!

Leave Jesus out of it

Jesus didn’t fail you, unperfect people did.

Too soon, we jump the gun and blame God. I was abused, blame God. I was molested, blame God. I was ruined, blame God. I was hurt, blame God. I was condemned, blame God. I was left, blame God.

All of those things happened by a humans’ hand, not God. God loves us. He loves our every being.

God even loves the ones that hurt us.

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit *Psalms 34:18