Surrogacy appointment #1

January 3, 2019.

Mama and daddy picked me up from work so we would have time to chat before the appointment. We’ve known each other for years but we have not had a lot of personal contact. I’ve watched the couple go through so much in their journey of parenthood but that is their story to tell.

This is mine.

We hit traffic on the way there from roadwork on the interstate. We ran into closed roads. We got tickled talking about confusing downtown traffic and one way streets. We found the fertility clinic. Finally!!

We spent a time filling out paperwork then we waited. The doctor was ready for us and we went back.

Mom and dad shared their story. Doctor dis used the process with them. They shared a question and answer time. I’m so proud of mom. She’s researched so much. She’s serious and we know it. Doctor looked to me and asked me if I was good? Did I have any questions?

I did not. I told him I’m along for the ride. I’m honored to be able to help this couple. I’m blessed to give the gift of life.

Let’s do this.

He will not see us again until a legal contract is completed. Ok. Fair enough doc. See you soon.


Dog Park life

I travel often for my job. Not many overnight trips but definitely exhausting day trips. I get stir crazy in my car so I usually try to find nature where I can for a short “lunch break” . Often, I end up in dog parks.

Dogs are such genuinely happy creatures. Their owners are happier around them. So I come here. I sit. I ponder the life these dogs have. I ponder the life their owners have. I watch their interactions with each other. I think of my dogs at home and wish I could take them on my day trips. My dogs have to deal with a working dog mom. Poor pups.

These owners all do the typical “baby talk” to their dogs. They love it! This particular dog park has an agility course.

The dogs look to their masters with such love. That’s how I look to God. I KNOW God is going to take care of me. I go to him to be spiritually fed. I KNOW He will spiritually feed me. He will ask me to complete courses. I will trust in His guidance. He rewards me with “treats” of Grace and Mercy throughout my day. These dogs love their owners. I think mine is pretty cool, too!!!!

Hoover Dog Park in Hoover, Alabama.