Surrogacy journey 22 weeks in

I’m overwhelmed with emotions. I have had 2 pregnancies before this and NOTHING can compare. I’ve never cried this much in my life. Everything is extreme.

An interesting fact is that my life has never been this complicated either. It’s hard to tell which is causing what. All I can tell you is my mind is pure chaos.

I’m thankful for a healthy baby. I’m trying to ensure a healthy bond with baby mama. I’m trying to prepare for when baby comes and more importantly after baby leaves. I’m trying to ensure I am a good mother to my biological two.

I’m exhausted.

Mentally I cannot go on (she said dramatically). Physically I’m doing OK.

This is a whirlwind. I have approximately 18 weeks left.

I STILL do not regret a thing. But this is definitely more than I could imagine. I honestly don’t think anyone can ever grasp what the surrogacy journey will involve until they experience it for themselves.

We will continue on.

I’m thankful I can rely on God.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Hoping for good news about placenta previa.

5 thoughts on “Surrogacy journey 22 weeks in

  1. You’re super melodramatic. While I think you had good intentions going into this journey, I don’t really think you’re mentally qualified. Surrogacy is a babysitting job. Stop turning it into this crazy, emotional rollercoaster. I can’t even imagine how the poor mother of this baby must feel about all your constant mood swings. If you think it’s bad for you, put yourself in her shoes. She had to give up complete control in bringing her own child into the world. She has to trust you are doing the right things for her baby. She shouldn’t have to worry about your constant whining.


    1. I can respect your comment and concern. How many surrogate children have you birthed? Children in general?
      The mother is going through her own emotional roller coaster and has a blog about her side too. This is beautiful on all sides and complicated just as much.
      Just like bringing a child into this world in any other way, there are many sides and many emotions. In the end, everyone is happy and a family is born.


      1. I’m sorry you’re such an uphappy, unsatisfied person that you need to troll a blog and attack people anonymously who are trying to live life the best they can. Have a good life. Hope you find peace one day.


      2. Oh and today’s Bible Verse is Philippians 2:5…in relationships, have the mindset of Jesus. This could be something you could work on today.


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