Dreaming of incarceration

My heart and soul are behind bars.

I have worked in law enforcement for 7 years. I always wanted to be on patrol but incidents that affected my physical abilities altered my journey. I have worked in dispatch since 2013 and in the jail when I was able. I see these inmates. They’re clean for the first time in a long time. They have nothing to do but sit and think about all their troubles and what choices they made and the consequences that follow.

Take advantage of these people being contained behind bars. Take advantage of them being sober. Embrace this environment and impose healing and help the inmates gain a plan for when they get out.

Set them up with homework to improve their self awareness. Give them resources to help them stay sober when they leave. Assist in understanding parenting skills. Give them manuals to understand job tasks. Give them a fighting chance to be able to improve their livelihood when they leave.

I WILL do this.

New life changes.

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!

Personal status update.

I have been accepted to the Masters of Social Work program at a university around here!!

Secondly, I started a second job, a past job resurfaced, today. I am dispatching for a local sheriff office. I didn’t necessarily WANT a second job but I have been forced into it due to financial situations. I’m absolutely blessed to be able to have a second job that pays more than minimum wage AND, drum roll please, I only have to work when my children are at their dads.

Ive had a pretty stressful few months but I’m working really hard to do the best I can. I’m diving into God’s word and praying that God’s will will shine through in my life.

God is so good.