Insecurities. Icky. wow

If you don’t have the Sprinkle of Jesus app. Get it. Wow. Daily slaps to the face. Thank you so much. Always needed.

We can only be responsible for ourselves. We can’t control what anyone else says or does. We can’t even control ourselves at times. Although we want to. I struggle with how people feel about me. I struggle with how I feel about people. But one thing I have learned (well, still learning) is to survive in this world, you must accept criticism. Use it for your benefit. If you don’t, it will eat you alive.

Someone says something to me and it hits me in my gut. I have two choices. Appreciate and respect what is said and use it to become better….. Or………. Lash out and diarrhea mouth all of my insecurities from past experiences.

Check this one out:

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