Beauty is free

I work at a very high stress job with a high turn around and sad, depressing and infuriating situations. It takes a specific type of person. A specific personality. Even then, your knees will get sore from constant prayer. I struggle sometimes. Its hard to talk about my job, especially when folks don’t understand it. I absolutely know without a doubt, I’m in the field I am supposed to be in. On those hard days,though, when I’m just not quite sure how to feel, on my way home from work, I see this. This is a couple hundred yards away from my house. Instantly, there’s a certain peace in my heart. Even through the chaos, I have to find serenity. I find it here. Home. If no one is behind me and I can see clearly in both directions, I pause. I pray. I am blessed. I am thankful. Thank you God for making beauty natural.

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