Kidney stone, you jerk.

So. I’ve been an exceptionally healthy person my whole entire life. Never broke a bone. Never had a surgery. Rarely went to the doctor. Only for check ups.

I hit 26. I shattered my ankle in a ridiculously stupid public incident. Life. It’s been rough since. Ha!!

I ended up in the hospital Friday at 430am. Kidney stone, they said. What the heck is a kidney stone. I’m just glad my insides werent going to fall out like I had thought for hours before.

Fast forward days….. I understand why they say it’s like giving birth. Ouch.

So here I am. Days after. My kidney hurts again. I’m trying to work through a panic attack on my way to the middle of the woods church event with nothing for miles. I’m fine. Everything is fine. It’s all OK. It’s just my imagination……. 😐😐😐😐😐

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