My gpa

I’m not sure I’m going to make it through this without some strong emotions.

My gpa. He has one daughter,my mom. He has one wife, my gma. They are as different as night and day. They are real. They are forever.

My gpa. I don’t remember but my mom tells me I was terrified of him growing up. I remember him being around but looking back, I don’t have a lot of memories of us. Just us. My gpa tells me I cried. I stayed far from him. I was scared. Boy. Was I wrong for all of that silliness.

My gpa is my rock. He is my world. He is my universe. He is my infinity. He loves me unconditionally.

My gpa has been my teacher. He has shown me what a man is supposed to be. He shows me everything. He has LITERALLY taught me. If it wasn’t for gpa, I would have never passed any of my college math courses.

My gpa prays for me. He comforts me. He kisses me on my forehead. Life is good.

My gpa is my neighbor. My gpa is my lifeline. My gpa watches everything that happens at my house. If anyone ever pulls up, my gpa immediately texts me with the vehicle and person details.

My gpa challenges me. He never accepts what isn’t my best ro what isn’t best for me. He always strives to do his best. My main goal in life is to make him proud.

My gpa is my support. He takes responsibility for my children anytime I need him because I have a demanding job and it comes up occasionally.

My gpa is a leader. He leads my entire family. He leads the community. He is nothing short of a blessing.

My gpa

John F Beatty

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