Sand or rock?

This ol story in the Bible….. They even made a catchy song to it….. The men who built their homes, one on rock and one on sand, to withstand the ever hitting hard storms of life. The man who built his home on the rock did well. The one on the sand, parished.

For so long I thought sandcastles were the way to go. I didn’t fully understand this concept. I would try ever so hard, getting things situated as I saw fit, then boom… It all came crashing down. It wasn’t until I was left with no house at all, that I realized what God was telling me. I had read the Bible. I had prayed. I had tried to live life the best way i could. I was a good person. But I was constantly slipping deeper into the quicksand of my life choices and behaviors.

It took fully giving my everything to God to realize why he tells us this parable. God is the rock. Our own thoughts and actions are the sand.

God wants us to live daily in Him. He wants us to build upon what He has created. Not what WE think is right. And until we do this, we fail.

I choose rock, God. I choose you. And although my beginning thought is to NOT be still, I will try my best to Be Still and Know That You are God.


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