Jesus freak?

Why yes, yes I am.

I will shout from every peak and every valley. I. Love. Jesus.

I can’t be hushed. I can’t be “normal” in the eyes of this world. Even going to church once a week isn’t me. Only praying at meals isn’t me.

I speak to my God all day every day. I worship in the car, in my house, in my mind and in my heart. I’m learning a balance of life. I’m learning that people don’t understand me and that’s OK. I’m not on this earth for someone to understand.

I’m on this earth to serve my God. He put this crazy hippy body on this Earth to show God’s love to those who don’t know it; even in the smallest of ways.

For me to know God and not share it would be selfish. It’s our duty as Christians to love this unlovable world and to remind it that LOVE RULES ALL.

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