Live by God.

The beauty of the Bible is that it is a historical book that is still absolutely true to its word today. How helpful is it that we have such a tool?

Sometimes we joke about wishing there was a manual to life. THERE IS!!!

I struggle. A lot. But I always find peace in my Bible.

The Bible is not supposed to be a fire and brimstone, scare you into behaving, means. The Bible warns us that if we don’t follow God’s Word, we will be unhappy. The Bible WANTS us to be the happiest we can be. We serve our Lord best when we are happiest.

I used to not understand. But I just pray and research the best I can. I find so much help in other people explaining what I can’t grasp.

I am at my most peaceful state in the Word. I am completely loved. My God felt I was special enough to put average sinful people on this Earth to write all the books for MY good so that I can try to do the best I can.

Thank you, God. Amen.

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