The point of wisdom

God tells us several times that we are to seek wisdom from elders. Why is it that important?

If it takes a lifetime to figure out how to do something, it only makes sense to share what you know when you are working on heading out the preverbial door of death.

As a young gal, my job is to speak with those that have lived life longer than me so. I can learn from THEIR mistakes. They won’t follow the exact path that I do but we are all human and have human feelings, emotions and choices. Often, they cross paths.

This doesn’t just mean seeking wisdom in someone older. This could mean seeking wisdom from someone with life experiences similar to you. Don’t ignore someone’s wisdom because you think you are better than them or because they aren’t three times your age. God gives us ALL TYPES of people to use for our good. If you choose not to embrace the wisdom, you are more ignorant than you think.

So find you someone l and soak them up like a piece of toast to a runny egg.

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