Signed sealed delivered

3.4.19. I signed the final contract. It’s official. I’m going to be a vessel of hope. I’m going to give the gift of a bigger family. I’m going to give a baby to a mom and dad who are unable to do it themselves. I’m overwhelmed. I’m scared. I just want to have the healthiest baby I can. I want to have a good pregnancy. I want to be able to give the baby over appropriately when the time comes.

The clinic is giving an estimated May date for pregnancy. I will go through some hormone shots and prepping my uterus will take a few weeks, also. I’m going to be a mom. Without the mom part.

I pray for this unborn child.


Baby I want you.

But I want sanity more.

I don’t know what I’m doing right now. So I need you to stay away.

I’ve got things going on. I can’t explain most of them. But what I do know is I need to be right where I am.

Away from you. Away from it all.

Baby I want you.

But I want my sanity more.