Hello. My name is Cassandra Delores Kegan.  Just kidding. Hi, I’m Pattie. But wouldn’t I be so fancy if that was my real name.

Let me explain why I am here and why I did the UNTHINKABLE and started a blog (like all the other 152 million out there).  I have a lot of feelings. I’m a female. I have had a long lesson-learned life.  I have knowledge that I want to share. More importantly, no one to share it with!!!  It’s 2018 and everyone is SO BUSY!  Everyone has their own lives they are living and their own stories they want to be heard.  I find that not everyone in my circle has time. AND THAT’S OK.  I need to get it out and this is where I landed.  Thanks WordPress!

I’m in my 30’s now. I have overcome abuse, self harm and addiction.  I have become a mother. I have learned to be me. I have learned to keep my focus on God. He’s my best friend.   I have learned that I MAKE TIME for what I want to do. Last but definitely not least, I have learned that I’m not done learning.

So, read my story. Share yours with me.  Life is beautiful. If you choose to LIVE.

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