Fear, you jerk.

There is no such thing as knowledge of what will happen in the future. You can imagine a future that is full of awful things. But it still lives in the imagination. Fear is not real. It’s our mind saying, nothing good or something bad can happen in this situation. Beware. Panic. Stress.

Even in a plane crash. You’re going down. The pilot has lost all control of the plane 20,000 feet up. As the entire plane goes up in chaos, people crying, screaming, praying, POOF, the rapture happens and not one person felt any pain. See. You don’t know what the future holds.

Does that stop me? Why naw!

I can tell you, my personal fear comes from failed attempts in the past or what I have seen in other’s lives.

I don’t like fear. It causes mass unnecessary anxiety. And guess what that does, causes more fear. I want peace. I must choose peace; at every turn. I must try to surround myself with peace.

We have to be fully accepting of life as it is. It is what it is. Simple but true.

He cheated? Ok. But this next one may not. And if they do, no amount of controlling or stress will stop it from happening. Got into a car wreck, lost a limb? OK. That sucks. I can’t imagine. But you still have your life and you may NEVER get into another accident again. Maybe you will. No amount of fear will control that outcome either. Get out there. Trust. Trust in your faith that things will work out. And if they don’t, work around it (I say this to myself in the mirror, praying that I can do just what I say).

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